Siesta Key Coconut Rum Caramels

$ 13.99

Escape to the tropics with our Siesta Key Coconut Rum Caramels. Crafted with our housemade signature caramel infused with generous amounts of Siesta Key Rum's own Coconut Rum, each bite offers a taste of paradise. Encased in a luscious shell of Zak & Mac's White Chocolate and topped with toasted coconut, these caramels provide a decadent experience that transports you to sun-kissed shores and swaying palm trees.

Indulge in the harmonious blend of creamy coconut rum, buttery caramel, and velvety white chocolate, enhanced with the delightful crunch of toasted coconut. Whether you're treating yourself to a moment of relaxation or gifting to someone special, our Siesta Key Coconut Rum Caramels promise an exquisite taste sensation that captures the essence of a tropical getaway. Embrace the flavors of paradise with every delicious bite.