Gourmet Toffee

From our Family To Yours

In 1981 my dad "Mac" purchased the Candy Keg in Frankenmuth. Shortly after I was born he renamed the store Zak's Kandy Haus in hopes that it might one day persuade me to follow in his footsteps. Well, it certainly did! After a lifetime of fudging it with him, I wanted to honor and thank my dad. We did that by renaming the store to Zak & Mac's. We hope you enjoy our chocolates and treats; all coming from original recipes dating back to 1964.

Sweetly yours...ZAK

Selfies with #HermanTheGerman

Meet Herman the German, our Instagram Professional here at Zak & Mac's. If there is one thing Herman likes it's a good selfie with some good people! Every month Herman looks through the hundreds of tagged Instagram pictures to choose a grand champion! To show his appreciation he sends that person a Zak & Mac's Survival Kit!

Next time you're in the store make sure you go say hi to Herman. Who knows you might make a good impression! POST SELFIES TO #HERMANTHEGERMAN