Justin Abdelkader Book & Chocolate Toffee Bar Combo

$ 24.99

1 in 10 Chance of getting an autographed copy.

1 in 50 Chance of getting an autographed copy & 2 tickets to a home Detroit Red Wings Game.

Get the perfect gift for any kid with aspirations of making it to the NHL! Zak & Mac's is partnering with Justin Abdelkader to bring his story of motivation & perseverance to the local community. Included as well is a nice reading treat in our world famous Milk Chocolate Toffee Bar.


Shoot For The Goal: Justin Abdelkader always knew he wanted to be a professional hockey player. From a very young age, he channeled all of his energy and focus towards making it to the NHL. Getting there wasn't without its obstacles, though. It meant having to leave home to play junior hockey while he was in high school. It meant having to leave college before he was able to finish his bachelor's degree when he was drafted by the Detroit Red Wings, who won the Stanley Cup the season he joined. Still, he went back to take classes in the off-season to finish his degree. Today, he's the Red Wings' alternate captain and in this book, shares his story as a way to show young people that perseverance and hard work do pay off — that dreams do come true.